Time to Change

When its time to change, you’e got to rearrange.
-The Brady Bunch

Mrs. Astropotamus has changed. And she’s rearranging. Luckily, the change is a good one and the rearranging is for the best.

Mrs. Astropotamus works for a small company doing technical stuff and mundane stuff and all the stuff that makes an office work as well as all the customer support stuff. It’s been a great place for her to work. Now it’s time to change.

She is moving on and going to be doing things for herself. I joke that she has retired but i don’t think she really likes that joke. Regardless, she now has time on her hands that she didn’t have before, and one of the things she said to me was, “we can live anywhere now.”

True, that.

I’m not going to lobby for the clear skies of Antarctica just yet, but here are some places worth looking into:

  • Tunisia. Home of some of the finest meteorites ever to survive entry into the Earth’s atmosphere.
  • Australia. As if the Magellanic Clouds weren’t enough, there’s the Southern Cross, the entire set of southern constellations, and huge areas of dark, dark skies to set up Time Machines in.
  • Costa Rica. While not yet known as a popular Astropotamus destination, I just like it there and would be willing to be the trailblazer that lures other Astropotamuses to this beautiful part of the world.
  • Norway. Two words: aurora borealis.
  • Patagonia. Two words: free wool. Which is good, because the Andes are cold and there is some really good seeing up in those woods. So to speak.
  • Hawaii. Keck. I say again: Keck. Oh, and everything else Hawaiian. Plus, let’s not forget Keck. Did I mention the Keck Observatory?
  • Pasadena. Three words (or initials): JPL. What other place has such direct access to so many wonders of the universe in beautiful, 75 degree weather all year long?
  • Belize. Similar to Costa Rica but with more diving opportunities. Plus, Mrs. Astropotamus and I spent a great time there “back in the day.”

Ah, someday, we’ll have both money and time.