Astropotamus Goes Online

Astropotamus went online today, 03-Apr-2011, with, in celebration of his first trip through time. Read more about all my time traveling adventures on this web site!

Just as I, the Astropotamus, am a time traveler, you must be one as well. I travel through time by…well, it’s a secret really, as to just how I do it, but there are hints on this site if you look for them. Suffice it to say that the farther away something is from me, the farther back in time I’m looking. That’s the same for you. The farther away in time my postings are, the farther down this page they are. Some may even be in the archives.

I hope you’ll start at the beginning and look through all of my travels through time, but you’re also welcome to start at the top and look at the latest one first.