The Great Eclipse of 2017

The Moon starts to eat the Sun

August 21, 2017 has come and gone, and WOW what and entrance (and exit) it made! The Great Eclipse of 2017, viewed by people in 14 states, from an airplane, and on boats at sea, this Eclipse Across America was likely the largest viewed, photographed, and media covered single national event that wasn’t man-made. Of course, I had to get in on the action.

We raveled to Hopkinsville, KY where two minutes and forty seconds of totality awaited us at 1:24pm local time on Monday.  I really didn’t plan on taking lots of pictures, or even setting up a time machine.  I mostly planned on viewing things through my 20×80 astronomical binoculars (sort of a dual time machine).  I set up a camera anyway, and every now and then I took some pictures of it while I was still looking through the binoculars.  So the camera pictures may not have come out very well.

Nevertheless, I got this image of the start of the eclipse, and with some image stacking software, you can even see some sunspots that are doomed to be eaten by the monster that’s devouring the Sun.  Note that, coincidentally, the Moon basically followed the sunspots across the surface of the Sun.  I photographed all stages from start to finish, but was more excited to watch than take pictures.

More to follow, but I wanted to get this up there for now.