Aug 032014

This old Astropotamus is about to dust off the Time Machine again.  It’s been a while.  Please excuse the lateness of my reply, but do start looking for upcoming posts again.

Oct 032011

When its time to change, you’e got to rearrange.
-The Brady Bunch

Mrs. Astropotamus has changed. And she’s rearranging. Luckily, the change is a good one and the rearranging is for the best.
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Sep 262011


Noun: A very hard, granular, crystalline, intrusive igneous rock consisting mainly of quartz, mica, and feldspar and often used as a building stone.


Noun: A break or hole in an object or between two objects: “he came through the gap in the hedge”
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Apr 182011

The past two nights have been rainy, dark, cold, and cloudy.  The worst kind of seeing that there could possibly be.  So instead of doing anything related to Time Travel, Astropotamus slept.  And enjoyed it greatly.  Look for more astronomy tomorrow.

Apr 172011
Orion Nebula (NASA)

Mr. Astropotamus has a habit of walking outside and looking up at the skies at weird times.  Sometimes when it’s light, but mostly when it’s dark.  And sometimes, when it’s just dark enough, he walks outside, gives a little yell, and then runs back and forth from inside to outside a bunch of times to set up the Time Machine for a particularly awesome view of…well, whatever it is that made him yell.  Mrs. Astropotamus is not always quite as excited.

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