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Time to Change

When its time to change, you’e got to rearrange.-The Brady Bunch Mrs. Astropotamus has changed. And she’s rearranging. Luckily, the change is a good one and the rearranging is for the best. Mrs. Astropotamus works for a small company doing technical stuff and mundane stuff and all the stuff that makes an office work as well as all the customer support stuff. It’s been a great place for her to work. Now it’s time to change.

New Neutrino Speed Limit?

Just a quick post about the faster than light neutrinos discovered at CERN.  I love it when topics discussed on Astropotamus are used to compare and contrast things in the real world.  You can see why SN1987A is useful for determining if neutrinos really do travel faster than light at this link.

Weather the Weather

The weather continues to be uncooperative for any sort of useful time travel.  So as long as we’re complaining about the weather, let’s complain about the right kind of weather.

Night Called on Account of Rain

The past two nights have been rainy, dark, cold, and cloudy.  The worst kind of seeing that there could possibly be.  So instead of doing anything related to Time Travel, Astropotamus slept.  And enjoyed it greatly.  Look for more astronomy tomorrow.

Sandals in the Night

Mr. Astropotamus has a habit of walking outside and looking up at the skies at weird times.  Sometimes when it’s light, but mostly when it’s dark.  And sometimes, when it’s just dark enough, he walks outside, gives a little yell, and then runs back and forth from inside to outside a bunch of times to set up the Time Machine for a particularly awesome view of…well, whatever it is that made him yell.  Mrs. Astropotamus is not always quite as

Astropotamus Goes Online

Astropotamus went online today, 03-Apr-2011, with, in celebration of his first trip through time. Read more about all my time traveling adventures on this web site!