Jun 222012

Rather than posting them here, I’ve put them on dropbox.  You can see pictures of the transit of Venus occurring at the same time as a solar flare (look at about the 7:00-8:00 point on the solar disc) at:


Happy viewing!

Jun 072012

Today is June 6, 2012.  The day after the last transit of Venus that everyone alive today will ever see.  Well, there may be a few people that were born on June 4 that will live to be 105 1/2, and see the transit that occurs in December of 2117, but we’re discounting those few.  By now, you’ve probably heard that transits of Venus occur in pairs separated by 8 years, but those pairs are separated by 105 or 121 years.  So the last one was in 2004 and the next will be 2117.

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Jun 052012
Transit of Venus, 2012

Transit of Venus, 2012

A picture is worth 112 years worth of words.  Warning – Clicking on this image will open a 4MB high resolution version of this image.  Of course, I highly recommend it.