Software Every Astropotamus Needs

If you’re just starting out, like this Astropotamus, you’re more likely to want to spend money on better Time Machines and cameras than software. That’s fine – when you’re ready, there’s some commercial software that you will probably want to buy. Until then, here’s some free software that will make your life much easier! The ones at the top are the ones this Astropotamus uses the most. Additional links to other software are towards the bottom.

  • Siril – post-processing (and more)
  • Astro Photography Tool – camera control and more, especially useful for DSLR imaging
  • PIPP – Planetary Imaging PreProcessor

Consider supporting the creators and developers of these products. Many are free only because of the incredible hard work that they have put into creating the software, relying mainly on small donations to help get by. Your support can make a big difference and I strongly urge you to consider donating to keep these works free!